Grave of Fire, Seal of Stars


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Split album dedicated to our dear friend and graphic artist Samuel “Samos” Čársky of Folkingrimm Art (R.I.P  1.8. 2017) featuring various Slovak bands and a Polish one. Apart from Saltus all the bands created new songs specially for this album. Released on CD by Tryzna prod., Purity Through Fire, Asgard Haas and Eastside at 30.7.2019. Digitally released by Tryzna prod. on 30.7.2019.

1.Kairos – Mirroring The Sleeping Thoughts (Intro) 03:09
2.Ancestral Volkhves – Za Zlatou Svargou 04:02
3.Concubia Nocte – Ignis Fatuus 02:53
4.Saltus – Wznies Svoj Miecz! 03:28
5.Krajiny Hmly – Na Plamenný Obzor 05:45
6.Krajiny Hmly – Čierny Havran 03:44
7.Cresset – Grave of Fire, Seal of Stars 07:45
8.She – Sfuknuty Plameň 07:22
9.Aeon Winds – Stronghold 05:16


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