ČERNÝ KOV – Společenství (12″ LP)


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  • 12″ black color vinyl, black & white labels.
  • B/W printed paper innersleeve, black & white outersleeve on matt 350 gsm paper and 3 mm spine.
  • PE outerbag, 8 pages booklet.
  • Natural Black Metal
  • “Project of Vlad Blasphemer (Maniac Butcher, Dark Storm…), Infernalvlad (Cult Of Fire, Death Karma…), and Vikthor. A part of a musical chronicle (from 2006 – 2018) of friends and the Circle of Souls fellowship,which was created and gradually recorded in various frequently visited places and on certain occasions,with the mood as the background and the result of many common experiences. Alongside other projects and works of the Circle of Souls fellowship.The album is a remembrance and tribute to VLAD BLASPHEMER (1974-2015).”

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