Brown Skull Bone Bracelet


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  • Weight: 10 g
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Ø of the beads: 15 mm
  • Material: Yak bone

Original skull bracelets that represent the Hindu Goddess Kali. Hand carved by artisans from Kathmandu-Nepal in yak bone. Skulls are often associated with Hindu goddess Kali, one of the most revered goddesses in India. Its symbolism represents the fierce aspect of the compassionate dark mother, pain, sadness and death are an inevitable part of life and frees us from fear, illusion and ignorance. The skull represents overcoming the afflicted mind and ego.

Each bracelet has 12 + 1 skulls.
The skull beads are made of yak bone.
In Nepal, the yak is an animal essential to life in the mountainous regions, providing meat, milk and other essential resources. The use of this material in local crafts not only respects tradition, but also contributes to the preservation of the environment and culture.

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